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Maryland has the second highest per capita rate in the U.S. for admissions to hospitals due to heroin dependence. Baltimore City statistics are even more alarming. Currently, it is estimated that there are 74,000 addicts in the Baltimore area and only 10% have access to treatment.

The majority of individuals held in Maryland's prisons have non-violent drug records. They wish to enter treatment but are unable to link up with a treatment provider. In jail, they languish and studies suggest they learn behaviors that help encourage their drug habits. Sixty-five percent of sentenced individuals in our prisons test positive on a drug and alcohol screen.

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Last year over 1,200 men and women were helped by Tuerk House recovery programs, which provided hope for the future and life-changing resources. They join the 21,000 individuals who have already been helped by Tuerk House since its inception in 1970. Over 70% of the people Tuerk House treats are homeless and in dire need of care. Many of them risk death if we turn them away.

In the year ahead, Tuerk House aspires to increase the number of people it serves by implementing innovative programming, exploring collaborative opportunities and securing additional funding from private and public sources. We can’t do it without your support. Make a gift now!

Help us turn lives around and open doors to recovery for Baltimore's neediest and uninsured!