James’s Story

I came to Tuerk house because I was tired of living the way I was living. I’d lost a home, a family, a car and most importantly, my children. Because of my drug use, I stayed away from my kids for three years. Though I was employed, my addiction kept me from performing well in jobs. I was tired, in despair, and scared of the violence around me.

My employer, who employed many people in recovery, recognized the signs and referred me to Tuerk House. I’d never realized the big building I passed on my way to buy drugs was a treatment facility. I never realized that someone like me without resources, insurance, or money could even get treatment. I completed the 28-day inpatient program. On the 29th day, I went back to work. I came back to Tuerk House for peer support which helped me further with my recovery. I began working at Tuerk House in 2000. Were it not for Tuerk House, I would have died using, and I would have lost the opportunity to watch my children grow. I am thankful to Tuerk House for helping me become the man I wanted to be.