Sallie’s Story

In 2001, after 32 years of active IV drug addiction, homelessness, low self-esteem, and no desire to continue living, I was referred to the Tuerk House. With the help of my counselor and a women’s group, I began to feel better about myself. After completing the 28-day inpatient program, I took the suggestion to go to a recovery house, Nilsson House (also run by Tuerk House). I was at Nilsson for 18 months. During that time, I continued to work on my recovery. Through a mental health referral from my counselor, I was able to address the issues that impacted my recovery. I took the suggestions of my counselor and went to meetings. I was able to get better and start working on recovering and becoming a responsible person again. I began volunteering at Tuerk House, was subsequently hired, and became a full-time staff member. I enjoy helping others, as I was helped at Tuerk House. I am grateful to Tuerk House and the residence at Nilsson that provided me with the tools to live a healthy, happy life. If not for Tuerk House, I would not be alive today to help others like me. I owe it all to Tuerk House -- where my life began anew.